CSR Activity

As a form of its social role, Indah Kiat Tangerang conducts Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. IKPP's Corporate Social Responsibility occupies seven holistic aspects, which are: organizational governance, human rights, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer's issues, and community involvement and development.This CSR program is carefully managed and finally obtained ISO 26000 certification.

The main targets of CSR activities are those who live near by IKPP factory, as the corporate social and environmental partners. Some of regular CSR activities are fogging that is done once in three months. Besides, there's also Additional Food Donations Program to several health care units near by the factory in order to escalate the toddlers' health quality.

Permanent physical development has also been done to increase life quality of the surrounding community. As an example, in December 2012, there's a project to rejuvenate the Cisadane river sidewalk path. Pioneering City Forrest is another example of IKPP Tangerang'sCSR program in order to support government's regulation of forest conservation along the Cisadane River.

IKPP Tangerang's CSR also pays attention toward children's welfare and education quality. It can be seen from the charity and IKPP Tangerangs's foster parents program. In 2011/2012 curriculums, there were 103 students who received school aid and educational fund. The fund came from IKPP Tangerang's employees and company's donation. In 2011/2012 curriculums, total donation reached over 68 millions rupiahs. This fund is allocated for education development for all students who need support near by the factory.

Other activities that are accommodated by CSR activities are Employee's Spiritual Trip, Employee's Sport Events, Training Hall for near by community, and so many other social activities for the community.