IKPP Tangerang's consistent handling of the industrial waste obtained a good result. IKPP Tangerang applies the concept of clean production mechanism into operation and implementing Environmental Management System (EMS).

IKPP Tangerang has succeeded in applying the EMS, that in September 1996 it favorably received ISO 14001 certificate. It also received the Swiss Certification from SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Ltd.

In June 1997, IKPP Tangerang has received an award of recognition from the country's Bapedal - National Environmental Impact Agency. The award known as Proper Prokasih award, underscores IKPP Tangerang's success in maintaining the green rating for three successive years.

In spite of all this efforts, IKPP Tangerang continues to search for newer and better technology to realize an environmental friendly mill surrounded by blue sky, clean water, and the unspoiled beauty of nature.

Industrial Waste Management

IKPP Tangerang continuously managing the industrial waste in order to achieve the environment sustainability. The management procedure for liquid waste is highly supervised on the recent standard. IKPP Tangerang also improvises the standard of waste management through various waste reduction programs. There are several efforts that have been done as follow:

  1. All laboratories' tools are calibrated in every particular period.
  2. General and specific maintenance for all instruments in waste management area periodically.
  3. Do any correction required if there is a deviation on management quality.
  4. Use sensitive living animals, such as: fish, turtles, and goose as dependable indicator on how the waste affects surrounding living creature and environment.

By doing such improvements, there are several positive achievements we've got such as:

  1. Succeeded in reducing the air pollution rate from direct combustion gas emission. It can be achieved by using LNG instead of using former gasoline fuel.
  2. Production process produces zero dangerous and toxic substances.
  3. Well management of reducing water consumption in paper production.
  4. An excellent quality of liquid waste.

All these achievements make IKPP Tangerang become one of the best companies in managing the industrial waste in order to achieve environment sustainability.