Our History

PT. Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper (IKPP) is an FI (Foreign Investment) company which established by joint venture of an Indonesian company (PT. Berkat Indah Agung) and two Taiwan companies (Chung Hwa Pulp International Corporation dan Yuen Foung Yue Global Investment Corporation). In the practical world, the Taiwan companies act as the technology supplier for the paper making process, while the Indonesian company acts as the access supplier.

Eka Tjipta Widjaya established IKPP on December 7th 1976 in Tangerang. At the beginning, in 1977, this company only had two paper machines that had production capacity of 100 tons/day for each machine. On April 1979, IKPP began to produce commercial products. By June 1982, IKPP added one more paper machine to increase the production capacity to 150 tons/day. On March 1984, this company succeeded in producing commercial products; and later on April 1988 there has been several modification and reparation on its paper machines. These efforts increased the paper production until 250 tons/day.

On January 1986, Sinar Mas Group bought 67% of IKPP's shares, while Chung Hwa Pulp International Corporation and Yuen Foung Yue Global Investment Corporation held 23% and 10% each. On June 1990, IKPP began to go public by entering the share market in Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSE) and Surabaya with US$ 326 million that represented 13% of the total shares.

On December 1992, IKPP officially acquits PT. Sinar Dunia Makmur, a paper company that had been become a PT. Sinar Mas Group member that located at Kragilan Village, Serang - Banten. Later, on October 1996, PTIKPP add a dyer to one of its machine to increase the production capacity to 120.000 tons/year. On 2006, the ownership shares of IKPP was owned by 4 companies; PT. Puri Nusa Eka Persada (57.25%), Chung Hwa Pulp Int (BUI), Co (16.11%), Yuen Fuon Yue Invest Co (7.62%) dan public (19.02%).

Nowadays, IKPP has three factories that located in different locations; integrated pulp and paper factory that located in Perawang - Riau, industrial paper factories that located in Serang - Banten, and IKPP Tangerang that has the smallest capacity amongst others.

IKPP Tangerang has three Foudrinier paper machines with trimming width of 2.75 m and total production capacity of 135.000 tons/year. This factory produced color paper and board, photocopy paper, stationery products, etc. These all type of paper is fabricated from LBKP (short fiber pulp) and NBKP (long fiber pulp). IKPP Tangerang implements Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products (PEFC) that make the raw pulp material can be tracked until the forest it was taken from.